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About Me

Always ready to crack some silly jokes to make you laugh or to stick on your nails last minute while waiting to go to the venue, sometimes I realise that being a woman wedding photographer is so much more than just taking pictures. I usually say that "I 80% fix wedding dresses and 20% take photos", and it might actually be my favourite part: being your part time assistant and paparazzi during the day, trying to capture all those details, emotions, laughs and tears that make your wedding day uniquely special.

Whether you can't keep a straight face in front of your spouse or you are planning a photoshoot worthy of Vogue, it is my honour always to keep that moment captured in time.

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For me, it's all about capturing the expressions you make with your friends when they see you for the first time in a wedding dress, or the way your spouse looks at you when you're not paying attention. It's the details in the decorations and your loved ones cheering when entering the venue. It's the hugs and the aunties dancing like there is no tomorrow.

I really care in doing my best to make you remember the day, not only beautifully, but also truthfully, and let you see moments you didn't notice happened.

I love to know more about you, how did you meet, what was your story? It really helps me to connect with you better and make our session more natural and less awkward - I know majority of us are not really born models, maybe just selfie experts. It is always my honour tho to be there for you, and to have the privilege of being the one to capture your special day - at the end, the photos and videos will be the only thing that will last more than just your wedding day... together with your marriage, of course 👀